STANICI (walking distance)

Viva La Baska orients itself in the pleasant village Stanici, a new village on the Adriatic Sea,
with a beautiful pebble beach and amazing bay.

Here you will find:
+ Sea with amazing pebble beach and beautiful bay
+ Restaurants and bars
+ Small shops (and in the summer: a kiosk with fresh vegatables and fruits!)

OMIS (3km)

Omis, a seaside town, is less than 3 km away from Viva La Baska. This place is full at all hours of the day.
With many terraces, a bustling fruit market and beautiful surroundings worth a visit!

Here you will find:
+ Supermarkets
+ Restaurants and bars
+ Kayak/Rafting and other touristic trips

SPLIT (35km)

At about 35 km from Viva La Baska you can find the famous Split.
This large city breathes history, has the largest port in the country, swarming with lively squares and alleys ... conviviality!

Here you will find:
+ Port
+ Shops/Restaurants/Bars/...
+ Airport